National Panasonic R 72 S Toot-a-Loop Arm Wrist Radio!

"It's an S" - "It's an O" - It's a crazy radio!

This Funny Radio Model has a lot of "Nick-Names" "Toot a loop!"

From Panasonic's Ads "Sing-O-Ring" - Easy Split & Carry Portable Radio Wrist Radio -

Bangle Radio - The Snake Radio - The Cobra Radio

It was made in many Colours:

White, Red, Blue & Yellow Only 1 Band AM Radio with MW - 525 kHz - 1605 kHz

Also in Australia & New Zealand sold in Orange & Lime!

Tom's Radio Collection - TRC - 8290 -

Tandberg Huldra 9

AM FM Stereo Radio Receiver

5  Band AM + FM with 4 Presets

Model Year 1968-1971

Palisander Model (N)

Great Modern Rosewood Design! (US & Export)

This "Export" Model has DIN & PHONO Connections

Design: Inger Johanne Fosheim

*** Radionette SM 40 C Soundmaster 40 Cassette ***

Radionette Soundmaster 40 C - SM 40 C

Radionette Soundmaster SM 40 C 1971 - 1976

Design: Ing. Oddbjørn Grønnevik

RadioVisjon og Radionette Ingeniør og Designer

Tandberg Design

Tandberg Fasett Høyttaler

Design: Terje Ekstrøm

Sansui   SANSUI Made in Japan


SANSUI QRX 9001 QS Quad 4/2 Channel Receiver

HITACHI Transistor TV Receiver Model F-54G-301

B/W Portable TV 1976 Model

220 VAC 32 W 50 Hz 12 DC 16 W

Made in Singapore


My First



Nintendo GAME BOY

my first Sony

MINI FM Stereo Walkman


2501 Model 1927

Loudspeaker Philips Type 2007 - Introduced in 1926

Design: Louis Kalff - Art Deco bakelite speaker for Philips

Type 2007

Wiki Info - Net info

The agency's history can be traced back to the mid-1920s, when Louis Kalff established the Advertising Section of Philips, under the patronage of Anton Philips, one of the company's founders. In the 1960s, Philips Board of Management established the Industrial Design Bureau, headed by Rein Veersema. In 1969, the competence center was renamed the Concern Industrial Design Centre (CIDC), led by Norwegian Knut Yran.

"Peter Pan"

Type 2007. Introduced in 1926 by Philips. A bakelite louspeaker on an iron foot with moving coil and stationary magnetic field. Besides a loudspeaker it was mented to be an object of art too. It has a triple lead, the plug contains a switch to select different impedances. The electro-magnetic system and paper cone are between the two disks. Diameter of the bigger disk is 45 cm. More than 240,000 were produced, in various colors: purple, pink, red or green were also possible. There are no 2 similar speakers, they all have different cloudy patterns, due to being hand-made.

Tandberg Båndopptaker TB 64 - Model 6 - 64 Stereo

 Merket for god design
År: 1962

Design: Asbjørn Ollestad


Tandberg Portable TP 3-3  - Tandberg TP 33


Design: Peter Opsvik


Tandberg Portable TP 4-1 - Tandberg TP 41

Design: Peter Opsvik


Tivoli Audio Model One Henry Kloss

Model One

Design: Henry Kloss

Designed and engineerd by Henry Kloss and Tom DeVesto

Developed and manufactured by Tivoli Audio LLC

One Broadway, Suite 600 Cambridge, Massachussetts 02142 USA

Made in China

Working Page....more models in storage/collection......

Green Model

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