Philips Radioes + DUX - Modern Transistor Radioes

PHILIPS FM-AM DE LUXE All-Band Portable World Receiver - Antoinette Transworld De Luxe L6X38T/22 1965



All-Band Portable World Receiver

Antoinette Transworld De Luxe

L6X38T / 22

Year: 1965 - 1969

Philips "Top of The Line" og Portable Radioes in The 1960-ties!


Type B6X34A


Hybrid Model with mixed tubes & transistors

Philips Multiband AM + FM Stereo Radio

- BI-Ampli -

LW MW K1 K2 + FM (UKW)

Tubes: ECC85, ECH81, EF89, EF183, ECC83, ECL86, ECL86, EM87, and EZ81.

Transistors AF126, two of type OC75, and one type AC125.

The transistors (and some other solid-state components) are all used in the FM unit.



Plano - “3-Band - Musette”


- Made in Holland -


22 RH 720

Philips 720 Stereo Hi-fi

2 x 40 W Musicpower 4 ohm - 2 x 30 W Sinuspower 4 ohm


(Dux = Svensk - Philips made in Sweden)

DUX Drabant Portable Radio

Type T 1661/33 Auto

Model Year 1966

Great Teak Design Cabinet Model - Made in Sweden

Sold in Norway - Price: Max. NKr. 800.- + 64.-

FK097340 - No. 151.313

Dux Radio AB - Stockholm - Sweden

"My First" Philips Compact Cassette Recorder

                        PHILIPS EL 3302 A

1967 Model

This model was my first experience with The Great Compact Cassettes!

So Philips gave me many happy hours listening to great music! Thanks!

Together with Philips Portable Recordplayer - I was introduced to The Beatles!

Recording both by microphone and/or via DIN Connector/Cable!

Made from 1967-72

Compact Cassette Recorder


(Ref. EL-3300 MK 1 - 1965 and 3301 MK 2 - 1966)

Nypris: NKr. 100.- Avg. 11.-

Serial no. 505.913

Motor marked: WR-01 911

Made by Philips Holland

Great Philips links:

"MY FIRST" Radio-Cassette-Recorder


Philips RR 70


AM - FM - Radio Cassette Recorder

This I got from my Parents in 1969

We drove to Arendal to buy it - They made me very Happy!

This was ment to keep me at home and away from the girls!

But I guess it worked very well to make the girls happy as well!

After school - We always listened to this great radio!

I always had it with me in the back on my great motorbike - The Tempo Trigger!

CCR - Creedence had some great hits in 1969-70

Great to be able to record "Ti i Skuddet" - "Top-Ten" with  Pop & Western Music!


Januar 1971 Korporal Tom Rikard - Radioskole-elev - Telegrafist - Jørstadmoen - Lillehammer

This Radio followed me into the Army - and I mounted outputs for extra speakers and made "A very special Start & Stop Mechanism" - just power/ON-OFF - with an old Mechanical Wake-Up Clock, and at 06.00 sharp, every morning the cassette-player started with a great Creedence hit or whatever was on

"Top 10" in those great years!

All The Soldiers where very happy with this solution! Beated the hell out of the bloody military ringing wake-up clock! All woke up singing with a smile!

We build "FM-Transmitters" and had our own "FM Radio-Stations"

So this also was My First & Very Private - "Clock-Radio"

20 Transistors 16 Diodes

LW 150 - 280 KHz MW 517-1605 KHz SW 6 - 9,8 MHz FM 87,5 - 104 MHz


Bolero F4N91A Radiokabinet

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