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VHS-C Video Movie Camera
Year 1984 - In SABA 1985 Katalog
This is SABA Mark, but made by JVC in Japan!
Ref.The Famous JVC GR - C1 Worlds VHS (C) Camcorder!...
Also Nick-named: "The MartyCam" - Marty McFly's Camera -
Used in The Movie: "Back to The Future" Starring Michael J. Fox
Rated as: One Icon in The Top 100 Gadgets of all Time!
This SABA model is in Das Deutschen Technik Museum!
Now also in Tom's Video Camera Collection!
TRC-3610 - TRC-SA-CC -

Canon Super 8 mm Movie Camera Canon Auto Zoom 814 ELECTRONIC 8 X Zoom Slow Motion 1 18 24 CANON ZOOM LENS C-8 7.5 - 60 mm 1 : 1,4 Macro 1.2 - oo m 1972 Model (1977) Price new: 72.400 yen Tom's Camera Collection -

Nippon Kogaku


Tokyo Japan Model No. 4426




Nikon F-401 S AF

35 mm Speilrefleks Kamera



Nikon F-501 AF


Analog Speilrefleks Camera



Digital SLR Camera

6,1 MP

Otto Berning

Robot Camera Model Star I

"Special Aero-model" - "Air-photocamera"

Special "Wind-up" & "Mounting"

Used by German Army & Luftwaffe during WWII

in German Airplanes and later other countries!

Variations in models

The Robot special feature was the most significant for the whole camera series: a strong spring motor for film advance, made by the Black Forest clock maker Baeuerle & Söhne.

Made ca. 1935-51

Optic - Lens - Carl Zeiss Jena - Biotar 1:1,4 - f=5 cm

Belfoca Folding Camera - Portable Camera 1952


Folding Camera - Portable

6x9 Roll Film Camera 1952 Model

 Gammelt Tysk Foldekamera

Gammelt Foldekamera med praktisk bæreveske,
denne er i "Imitert brunt krokodelleskinn" Ekte Retro!

Belfoca Folding Camera 6x9 Roll Film Camera

The lens is E. Ludwig Meritar 1:4,5/ 105mm lens.
The shutter is Prontor S

Wiki ref. + search

Optik Belca Kamerawerk, Dresden, VEB Kamerawerk Niedersedlitz,Germany (DDR)

This camera was born behind the Iron Curtain about fifty years ago (~1952) It is fitted with fairly good lens E. Ludwig Meritar (triplet) 1:4,5/105mm. Neither the shutter is not bad at all, it is Prontor S with a self timer and a flash contact. Shutter speeds are 1 - 1/250sec.
Ernst Ludwig a German optical company was founded in 1924. It produced lenses for German camera manufacturers and it is known of such brand names like Victar and Meritar, both an entry level three element lenses. The company was nationalized in 1972 and was later joined as a part to the VEB Pentacon.

View finder is the simplest possible and you may occasionally take exiting double exposures with this Belfoca before than you learn to wind the next frame immediately after the shutter release. The waist level view finder has to have been optional because it is not very common on these more modern folding cameras.
The Belfoca is more or less a copy of the Zeiss Nettar (515/2) but in spite of rather similar specifications the results are slightly inferior compared to the original.

The background of Belfoca
Again a camera manufacturer with very long history. The story beguns when Max Baldeweg founded a camera factory in 1908. The production was busy until WW II changed all. Max Baldeweg lost his company to the state but he founded a new company under the Balda name in Western Germany.
As usual the models and manufacturing prosesses and machines and even the names were stolen. The East German company continued to produce cameras under the Balda name until 1951, when the name changed to "Optik Belca Werke". 1957 this company formed part of the new "VEB Kamerawerk Niedersedlitz"

KODAK Junior 620 Camera Belgkamera - Tom's Camera Collection


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